An open circuit suction subsonic wind tunnel with a working section of 300 mm by 300 mm and 600 mm long.

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A compact, practical open-circuit suction wind tunnel for studying aerodynamics. The wind tunnel saves time and money compared with full-scale wind tunnels or airborne laboratories, and it offers a wide variety of experiments. The wind tunnel gives accurate results and is suitable for undergraduate study and research projects. TecQuipment offers a comprehensive range of optional models and instrumentation, including a computer-based data acquisition system.

AF100 Features

  • Saves time and money compared to full-scale wind-tunnels or airborne laboratories
  • Operates at meaningful Reynolds numbers
  • Compact, open-circuit suction design
  • Wide variety of experiments in aerodynamics
  • Comprehensive selection of optional instrumentation, models and ancillaries
  • High levels of safety
  • Controls and instrumentation conveniently mount on a separate, free standing frame
  • Works with TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®) to allow accurate real-time data capture, monitoring and display on a computer

AF100 Experiments

A wide variety of subsonic aerodynamics experiments (some need ancillaries), including:
  • Flow past bluff and streamlined bodies with pressure and velocity observations in the wake
  • Investigations into boundary layer development
  • Influence of aspect ratio on aerofoil performance
  • Performance of an aerofoil with flap, influence of flap angle on lift, drag and stall
  • Pressure distribution around a cylinder under sub and super-critical flow conditions
  • Study of characteristics of models involving basic measurement of lift and drag forces
  • Study of the characteristics of three-dimensional aerofoils involving measurement of lift, drag and pitching moment
  • Study of the pressure distribution around an aerofoil model to derive the lift and comparison with direct measurements of lift
  • Drag force on a bluff body normal to an air flow
  • Flow visualisation

AVAILABLE EXPERIMENTS:  The AF100 is a base unit for the following experiment modules and kits

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