A compact one dimensional strongly non-linear unstable magnetic levitation system to be controlled from within a MATLAB/Simulink environment running on a PC.

The Magnetic Levitation Apparatus shows control problems with non-linear, unstable systems. The apparatus consists of a steel ball held in a magnetic field produced by a current-carrying coil. At equilibrium, the downward force on the ball due to gravity (its weight) is balanced by the upward magnetic force of attraction of the ball towards the coil. Any imbalance and the ball will move away from the set-point position. The basic control task is to control the vertical position of the freely levitating ball in the magnetic field of the coil.

CE152 Features

  • Compact, benchtop apparatus, ideal for classroom demonstrations and student projects
  • Uses a magnetic field to control the vertical position of a steel ball
  • Shows the dynamics of a one-dimensional, non-linear, unstable system
  • Supports investigations into a number of different control algorithms based on classical and modern control theory – includes PID, LQ/LQC, adaptive, fuzzy and non-linearcontroller design and operation
  • Includes interface libraries (written in C) and demonstration software package with PID controllers
  • Hardware module is supplied fully assembled and includes integral power supplies
  • Requires MATLAB® and Simulink® (not supplied by TecQuipment)