Allows you to clearly see fluid flow in an open channel. Supplied with a good range of accessories. Examine various gates, jumps, weirs and flumes. For classroom demonstrations or student experiments.

The apparatus consists of a floor-standing 2.5-metre flow channel fabricated from transparent acrylic and anodised aluminium, together with various gates, weirs and blocks, enabling the phenomenon of flow channels to be easily demonstrated and studied. The equipment is designed primarily for use with TecQuipment’s Digital Hydraulic Bench (H1F, available separately) which provides the necessary water supply, drain and flow-measurement facilities. Alternatively, the customer may arrange their own water supply and flow-measurement facilities, if desired.

The H23 Includes

  • Depth gauge
  • Pitot tube
  • Submerged narrow-crested weir
  • Crump weir
  • Calliper gauge
  • Sluice gate
  • Drum gate
  • Venturi
  • Square jump block
  • Radius jump block

H23 Flow Channel Experiments

  • Study of sluice and drum gates including investigation into hydraulic jump, specific energy and the determination of discharge coefficient.
  • Study of submerged narrow-crested and crump weirs revealing the relationship between head over a weir and discharge.
  • Study of a broad-crested weir (by combining the square and radius jump blocks) and the effects of changing the profile of the weir.
  • Study of uniform flow in an inclined channel with investigations into the Chezy factor and coefficient.
  • Study of a Venturi flume to indicate the discharge and surface profile, thus the derivation of the discharge coefficient.

ESSENTIAL BASE UNIT:  The H23 is part of a modular system and needs the following base unit

ALTERNATIVES:  Products with similar functionality to the H23