Demonstrates the failure of materials when subjected to an alternating stress.

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This machine demonstrates the fatigue failure of materials when subject to alternating stresses. Based on Wohler's design, it uses a motor to rotate a circular cantilever specimen with a load at it's free end. It is in two parts: a robust main unit, and a separate control and instrumentation unit.

SM1090 Rotating Fatigue Machine Features

  • Compact bench-mounting unit – ideal for student use and classroom demonstrations
  • Demonstrates clearly both high and low cycle fatigue
  • Adjustable ‘dead weight’ and load cell system – to apply and measure a consistent and accurate load on the test specimens
  • Electronic display of cycle rate, cycle count and load
  • Clear guard with interlock – allows you to see the experiment in safety
  • Automatic switch stops the experiment when the specimen breaks – lets the equipment run unattended
  • Includes tools and two sets of specimens of different metals
  • Works with TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®) – perfect to monitor the experiment while unattended