Electrical Power Systems

Complete solutions for power systems teaching

The Electrical Power Systems range from TecQuipment is a unique range of world-class products specially designed to provide cost-effective, realistic and highly productive teaching. The range offers complete solutions that allow students to learn about and thoroughly understand all the components of electrical power systems: generation, transformation, transmission, distribution, utilisation and protection.

This area of study is becoming increasingly important, as the systems we use have to cope with power from greener but less reliable renewable power sources and less centralised generation from homes and businesses.

Customer choice

The Power Systems range consists of both stand-alone pieces of equipment for teaching the different parts of a power system, and a complete power system simulator. This gives you two valuable options:

  • Buy one or more of the individual stand-alone units from the PSL Range as you need and gradually build up a complete course for teaching power systems in a cost-effective way;


  • Buy the all-in-one Power System Trainer.

Our experts can help you decide which equipment is right for your course and environment.

Realistic, comprehensive and convenient

To maximise the teaching value, laboratory equipment needs to reproduce real-life characteristics. The Power Systems range offers a realistic learning platform, using industrial-standard equipment. Each product can simulate a wide range of faults, and students can study an extensive variety of behaviour.

The design of the products ensures that students get the highest quality practical experience possible. All of our Power Systems products include clear and detailed mimic diagrams on their connection panels, making it easy for students to connect and understand the circuits. The Power Systems products also include all of the instruments and protection devices the students need to carry out experiments.

Dedicated equipment

In the Power System Laboratory range, TecQuipment offers stand-alone products, dedicated to teach the fundamental principles in: generation, transformation, transmission, distribution, utilisation, protection, transformers and power electronics.

Advanced study

The Power System Trainer is a natural progression from the stand-alone Power Systems Laboratory range as it has more complex features for further study. The optional Second Generator extends its capabilities even further. The Power System Trainer will help students to reach the highest level of training in power systems.