A self-contained fully instrumented educational two-shaft gas turbine that uses kerosene as the fuel. The experimental capabilities of this apparatus allows comprehensive investigations into the principles and performance of two-shaft gas turbines.

A self-contained, fully instrumented, educational two-shaft gas turbine. Powered by kerosene, the experimental abilities of this high-quality apparatus enable comprehensive practical investigations into the principles, and performance of two-shaft gas turbines. It is a steel frame that holds a gas generator, power turbine, combustion chamber, oil and fuel tanks, pumps, ancillaries and guards. Above these is an instrumentation and control panel with schematic diagram. The clearly labelled front panel with mimic diagram includes the instrument displays, controls and warning lights.

GT185 Features

  • Uses industrial parts, powered by kerosene for realistic tests and results
  • Fully interlocked starting procedure and automatic shut-down
  • Automatic Data Acquisition (ADA) included (supplied with software)
  • Direct-coupled (no belts) eddy current dynamometer for accurate loading, speed control and true shaft power measurement
  • Supplied with ‘Gas Turbine Theory’ textbook
  • Full schematic instrumentation panel diagram shows students what each part does
  • Well proven design - versions installed in universities, technical colleges and military training establishments in 30 countries worldwide

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