A compact free-standing laboratory apparatus to allow students to investigate the theory of forced convection in pipes and associated heat transfer principles.

A basic knowledge of forced convection heat transfer theory is valuable in many engineering fields, especially heat-exchanger design. TecQuipment’s Forced Convection Heat Transfer apparatus allows students to examine the theory and associated formulae related to forced convection in pipes.

TD1 Features

  • Constant speed fan with variable flow control valve – for better flow control
  • Heater interlock for safety
  • Includes Pitot tube traverse for velocity profile measurements and traversing thermocouple to measure temperature distribution across the test pipe
  • Includes thermocouples along the test pipe to measure heat transfer
  • Accurate digital display of temperatures
  • Includes manometers and an orifice to measure pressures and airflow rate

TD1 Experiments

  • Derivation of the value of Nusselt number (Nu) and comparison with empirical formula
  • Calculation of the local heat transfer coefficient (h)
  • Determination of the Stanton number (St)
  • Calculation of the friction factor (f) and comparison with experimental value
  • Determination of the validity of the Reynolds Analogy for air

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