A laboratory-scale steam plant that shows fundamental thermodynamic principles of energy conversion, and mechanical power measurement.

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A mobile laboratory-scale steam plant for experiments in thermodynamic principles. It helps students to understand:

  • Thermodynamic laws of energy conservation
  • Steady flow energy equation
  • Thermal efficiency and the control surface
  • Rankine Cycle Analysis
  • The Willans line

TD1050 Features

  • Ideal for students to gain insight into the first and second laws of thermodynamics
  • Introduces students to industry-standard methods of analysing steam plant performance, including Rankine Cycle Analysis and using the Willans Line
  • Uses a simple two-cylinder steam motor and an electrically-heated boiler for easy understanding of the main parts of a steam plant
  • Self-contained in a mobile frame that includes all instruments needed for experiments
  • Allows students to copy the Marcet Boiler Experiment to prove the pressure-temperature relationship for saturated steam
  • Connects to TecQuipment's optional Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®)

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