CE151 - Experiment


A two-dimensional bench mounting system to allow controller design and real-time control from within a MATLAB/Simulink environment. Requires MATLAB and Simulink and other MathWorks products.

PDF datasheet

The Ball and Plate Apparatus shows the problems of the control of an unstable system. The apparatus consists of a plate pivoted at its centre so the plate can tilt in two directions. 

Stepper motors tilt the plate. A servo system with a stepper motor control card controls the motors. A camera with an intelligent vision system measures the ball position. The basic control task is to control the ball position. The ball is free to roll on the plate. 

The equipment includes:

  • Ball and plate model
  • Power supply
  • A data acquisition board for your computer
  • Camera with USB connection

The data acquisition board fits into a suitable computer to link with the Ball and Plate Apparatus and control its motors. 

Software (included):

  • Demonstration program with PID controllers
  • Interface library for programming at the system level
  • Example Simulink® models for real-time control experiments
  • Real-time digital image processing
  • Digital PID controller design for ball position stabilisation and trajectory following
  • LQ/LQG controller design based on state and I/O model
  • Fuzzy controller design
  • Adaptive controller design
  • Path planning for moving the ball between obstacles