We are supporting our Ireland Sales Partner, Labquip, who will be exhibiting at this year's ETTA Conference on Friday & Saturday the 25th & 26th of November at TUS:MMW Limerick Campus and the Greenhills Hotel Limerick, Ireland.

About the ETTA

The Engineering Technology Teachers' Association (E.T.T.A.) is a voluntary administered association representing teachers of Engineering, Technology and Design and Communication Graphics (D.C.G.). Founded in 1983 by Engineering Teachers in an effort to collectively promote Engineering in education in Ireland. With a current membership of over 300 members, we continue to support teachers and students in what is a time of immense change in the Irish education system.

Today, the E.T.T.A. is regarded as one of the most proactive education groups in the country, with our awards scheme for Engineering Technology students gaining National acclaim. We currently have in excess of 300 active members.

Our role includes the promotion of these subjects amongst students and the provision of resources, training, etc.as required for our members.

​Find out more about the 2022 National Conference & AGM: CONFERENCE 2022 | the-etta

Hope you see you there!