Engineering Essentials Curriculum

Accelerate student’s learning of fundamental principles of engineering with a blended digital and hands-on practical learning experience

Our Engineering Essentials is a curriculum designed to ensure students develop a fundamental understanding of core engineering principles using the Engineering Science Kits. These skills are highly relevant in industry today and are essential to master before moving on to more complex topics. The course is dynamic and interactive and seeks to offer students a novel learning experience by developing their digital skills alongside practical lab sessions, giving them the confidence to think like an engineer and appreciate what impact they will have in the real-world.

Who it’s for
The curriculum is aimed at students at any of these institutions:
Technical training schools

Course delivery

The Engineering Essentials curriculum will normally be delivered as part of an institution’s academic programme through a combination of:

  • Classroom lectures on engineering theory
  • Practical lab sessions using TecQuipment’s Engineering Science kits
  • Post-lab digital quizzes to test students understanding of theory, accuracy of experiment data capture, and practical application

Course content
The curriculum includes six core topics, each with a dedicated course that students must complete. Each course is designed to ensure students gain understanding the subject and develop key engineering skills in data analysis, calculation, graphing and critical thinking.

A dynamic learning approach

The Engineering Essential courses are interactive in nature and designed to offer students new to engineering an easy-to-follow learning journey.
The training material is intuitively written with guidance on theory and how to set up an experiment using Engineering Science kits. On completion of an experiment students complete a Smart Worksheet, which is a tailored to an experiment and designed to test students understanding of theory.

These quizzes encourage and motivate student self-learning by giving them an opportunity to show how well they have understood theory, applied their learning to a practical experiment, and accurately recorded experimental data. The digital quizzes give real-time feedback to data input and automatically marks answers, giving instant final scoring and saving educators time having to spend hundreds of hours marking.

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