STR2000 - Ancillary


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A computer interface module with ADA software that allows the hardware experiments in TecQuipment's Structures Range to be interfaced to a PC.

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The Automatic Data Acquisition Unit is an interface box with software that connects experiments from the TecQuipment Structures range to a suitable computer. It allows data logging, analysis and extra ‘virtual’ simulated experiments. It accepts inputs from a digital force display, a digital strain display, an angular sensor and digital deflection indicators. It converts these inputs into the correct data signals for the computer. The software can then analyse the data and create tables and charts.

The software can also simulate experiments which students can perform using the hardware, so they can compare simulated and real results.

  • Virtual Structures experiments
case study
Structural Mechanics Lab Birzeit University - Palestine

For many years Birzeit University has trusted TecQuipment to be their no.1 provider of engineering laboratory products to aid the teaching of Mechanical, Civil and Environmental Engineering courses. Knowing from personal experience that the equipment is built to last, and that they can rely heavily on local support from TecQuipment agent in Palestine backed up by the dedicated TecQuipment Customer Services team, it was the logical choice to choose TecQuipment once again for their new lab equipment.

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