STR4 - Experiment


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An experimental apparatus to allow students to investigate deflection and stability of beam and cantilever structures.

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The experiment hardware consists of a backboard that fixes to the Structures Test Frame (STR1, available separately). Test beams fit onto the backboard using a rigid clamp and knife-edge supports. Students apply loads at any position using hangers holding various masses. Mounted on a trammel, a digital deflection indicator traverses the beam. The indicator measures beam deflection. Scales on the backboard show the position of the indicator, the loads and supports.

The lecturer guide provides details of the equipment including sample experiment results. The student guide describes how to use the equipment and gives experiment procedures.

For extra ‘virtual’ experiments, TecQuipment can supply the optional TecQuipment Structures Software (STRS), for use on a suitable computer. The virtual experiments simulate the tests you can perform with the hardware. They also extend the choice of tests beyond that available using only the hardware, for example: higher loads, uniform loads or different test specimens. This extends the student’s learning experience.

For automatic data acquisition of your experiment results, TecQuipment can supply the optional Automatic Data Acquisition Unit (STR2000). Supplied as standard with the STR2000 is TecQuipment’s Structures Software that displays and logs your experiment results and gives the extra virtual experiments.

Examination of:

  • Beam deflections
  • General bending formulae
  • Beam end rotations
  • Elastic moduli (Young’s modulus) for various materials - Typical conditions are:
  • Cantilever
  • Propped cantilever
  • Encastre beam
  • Simply supported beam
blog post
Thomas Young: Young’s Modulus

Today we celebrate the contribution that Thomas Young made to the field of engineering, born exactly 245 years ago in 1773 (13 June 1773 – 10 May 1829).

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STR1 - Base Unit

A sturdy lightweight aluminium bench-mounting frame to provide rigid support for the interchangeable experimental modules in TecQuipment's Structures Range (STR2 -STR20).

VDAS SM1004 - Experiment

A bench mounted beam apparatus to allow students to investigate the deflections and reactions in simply supported and cantilevered beams.

STR13 - Experiment

An experimental apparatus to allow students to investigate the properties of statically indeterminate and continuous beams.

ES4 - Experiment

Demonstrates the deflection of beams of different materials and dimensions, held on different supports.

TE16 - Experiment

A bench mounting 3-point bend apparatus to allow investigations into the stiffness in bending of different materials of the same cross-section (Young's Modulus - Stiffness) and the stiffness of a single material with different cross-section geometries (Second Moment of Area - 'I' Value).

SM1000G - Experiment

Test leaf Spring, knife edges and attachments to allow leaf spring and beam bending tests with TecQuipment's SM1000 Universal Test Machine.

STR2000 - Ancillary

A computer interface module with ADA software that allows the hardware experiments in TecQuipment's Structures Range to be interfaced to a PC.


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