FC300IC - Ancillary

Instrument Carrier

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The instrument carrier can precisely place the tip of the supplied instruments at any position in the x, y, and z planes of TecQuipment’s FC300 flow channel range.

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Instrument Carrier

The Instrument Carrier is an ancillary for use with TecQuipment’s FC300 flow channel range. It is used to precisely place an instrument tip in the x, y plane at any point along the length of the flow channel (the z plane).

The instrument carrier is supplied with three instruments:

  • Hook depth gauge
  • Point depth gauge
  • Pitot tube

The carrier consists of a base that fits to the rails that run along the top of the flow channel, and an upright that holds the instrument in position against scales that pinpoint its position.

The carriage can be fixed at any point along the channel.

The position of the centre point of the carrier is marked by a slot in its edge. Distances of the instrument in the carrier, with respect to other items in the channel, can be measured from this point (the ‘z’ plane).


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