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Smart Worksheets

Enhancing teaching capabilities and complementing students’ learning with the use of ready-made, online and auto-graded assessments that are compatible with selected experimental kits in the Engineering Science range.

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Smart Worksheets

Benefit for students

  • Enabling development and independent thinking with ready-made exercises
  • Gain confidence in learning with instant, personalised feedback
  • Master key engineering principles with tailored practice before submission, with immediate and clear scoring
  • Practice assessments anywhere, anytime with online access and auto-save functionality

Benefit for Educators

  • Enhance and improve teaching capabilities with a full ready-made dashboard and worksheet
  • Save hundreds of hours of time with ready made exercises and student reports
  • Effectively communicate with students through notifications and reminders on the online management system
  • Gain detailed insight into student learning progress with the timeline mode feature
  • Tailor work with the option of ready-made quizzes and assessments

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Learning outcomes

Worksheets currently available for the following Engineering Science kits:

  • Forces and moments (ES2 and ES3):
    • Centre of Gravity
    • Triangle of Forces
    • Principle of Moments
    • Levers
  • Deflection of Beams (ES4):
    • Beam Load
    • Beam Dimensions
    • Beam Length
  • Torsion (ES5):
    • Torque and Diameter
  • Strength of Materials (ES6):
    • Tensile Testing
  • Drive Systems (ES11 and ES13):
    • Chain Drive
    • Belt Drive
    • Spur Gears
  • Simple mechanisms (ES14):
    • Crank and Slider
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