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The TecQuipment Engineering Science Range consists of 18 experiment kits in fundamental topics common to most mechanical engineering disciplines. This includes the study of forces, moments, friction, materials science, vibration, gears pulleys, chains and mechanisms. The system is modular, and each kit does numerous experiments making the system flexible and great value for money.

All the hardware required to do experiments related to a particular topic are contained within the kit which is presented in a storage tray with a purpose-made insert and checklist to ensure all of the parts are present at the end of the lab session.

Ideal for curricula based on educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics at colleges and schools. The range, with its hands-on approach and detailed experiment notes, provides the perfect link between theory and real world application.

TecQuipment’s Engineering Science range is the foundation of STEM education. Read about the benefits of the Engineering Science.

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