Smart Worksheets

Enhancing teaching capabilities and complementing students’ learning with the use of ready-made, online and auto-graded assessments that are compatible with selected experimental kits in the Engineering Science range.

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What are Smart Worksheets?

TecQuipment's Smart Worksheets are a collection of ready-made, online and auto-graded assessments that have been tailored to operate in perfect harmony with selected experimental kits in the Engineering Science range.

Complementing practical teaching and experimental lab work, these digital worksheets are designed to help students demonstrate applied learning and mastery of key skills in data analysis, calculation practice, graphing, and data interpretation.

How does it work?

Each Smart Worksheet tailored to the corresponding Engineering Science experiment module allows students to input the observational data collected from an experiment, apply calculations and equations, use the dynamic graph for analysis, and evaluate the findings for interpretation, all at a time and place that suits them. As the tool is interactive in nature, feedback is instant and personalised, and guides the student throughout the worksheet towards completion. Throughout the worksheet students can visualise their real-time progress, answers, and attempts. At the end of the worksheet students can visualise their overall performance.

How would educators use it?

The Smart Worksheets are accessed through most learning management systems commonly used by universities and colleges. This site integration makes the tool accessible and easy to use so you can start setting assessments, quizzes and tasks for your students to perform straight away. The layout of the dashboards is fully customisable with multimedia file upload options, notifications and reminder settings. The dashboard gives educators a real-time view of how students are engaged with their course material and allows them to monitor student performance and progress in assessments. Educators can also review and replay individual assessments completed by the student to gain a better understanding of how a student found the exercise. Not only are the dashboards customisable, the smart worksheets are themselves, with the layout, number of question attempts, and number and type of quiz questions.

These Smart worksheets are designed to prepare students for the real world where they have an appreciation for practical & theoretical work and experience of using digital learning tools.

Benefit for students

  • Enabling development and independent thinking with ready-made exercises
  • Gain confidence in learning with instant, personalised feedback
  • Master key engineering principles with tailored practice before submission, with immediate and clear scoring
  • Practice assessments anywhere, anytime with online access and auto-save functionality

Benefit for Educators

  • Enhance and improve teaching capabilities with a full, ready-made dashboard and worksheet
  • Save hundreds of hours of time with ready-made exercises and student reports
  • Effectively communicate with students through notifications and reminders on the online management system
  • Gain detailed insight into student learning progress with the timeline mode feature
  • Tailor learning with the option of ready-made quizzes and assessments

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