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60 Years of TecQuipment

Learn all about the 60 years of TecQuipment's history, starting with the founding in 1958 by renowned clock maker Mr William Cope and engineering pioneer Sir Jospeh Pope, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Nottingham University.

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About Tecquipment

About Tecquipment

TecQuipment designs, manufactures and supplies in excess of 450 high quality products satisfying the UK and overseas markets. The equipment are produced under a 'World Class' quality system accredited to ISO9001, ensuring the highest possible standards are maintained. 

TecQuipment retains the reputation of market leader in this industry by attention to detail and business excellence.

Work With Us

Work with Us

Here at TecQuipment, we are constantly inviting the best talent in engineering, manufacturing, sales, administration and many other fields into the team.

We thrive by blending many specialists under one roof to produce the finest work. TecQuipment has a culture of collaboration and pride in our craft to deliver premium engineering educational equipment for the worlds universities and training institutions.

If you believe you want to develop your skills with some of the best global talent, then please have a look at our careers or send us your CV.

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Whether you are interested in new products, exhibitions we are attending or major investments for us, this is the place to keep you up-to-date on all the happenings around TecQuipment and the industry.