Materials Testing And Properties

Basic to Advanced Materials Testing

TecQuipment’s Materials Testing and Properties range has been developed over a number of years to fully support modern engineering degree courses. The high-quality, robust construction of the equipment makes it ideal for the laboratory environment. It provides long-term performance and reliability to give dependable, accurate results every time.

The range, at its most basic level, introduces students to the underlying principles of Hooke’s law, Young’s modulus and second moment of area, and gradually progresses to more complex experiments.

The more advanced equipment allows destructive materials testing in various modes including bending, tension, creep and toughness. All the equipment is specifically designed for the educational environment but reflects real world standards and practice. Stress and strain analysis is covered by a comprehensive set of standard classical textbook experiments, as well as equipment and resources to support student project work for strain and stress measurement.

The range also extends into the area of structures and structural elements, providing supplementary products to our complete modular Structures range.

Strain Gauge Material Load Cell

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