Case Studies | Materials Testing and Properties | 15th November 2019

University of Lincoln Video Case Study

Dan Stones, Technical Resource Manager from the School of Engineering at the University of Lincoln, explains in this video case study why they use TecQuipment teaching equipment for understanding the principles of mechanics. From static and dynamic apparatus for hands on learning and demonstration, through to tensile testing on materials including textiles. For more advanced study, the AF1300 wind tunnel is used for post graduate study and research projects where students 3D print aerofoils, utilising the Versatile Data Acquisition System VDAS for detailed analysis.

Dan Stones, the esteemed Technical Resource Manager at the School of Engineering, University of Lincoln, provides valuable insights into the institution's choice of TecQuipment teaching equipment to enhance the understanding of mechanics. In this captivating video case study, he expounds on how TecQuipment's diverse range of apparatus serves as an invaluable resource for students and researchers alike.

At the heart of their teaching philosophy is a commitment to hands-on learning, and TecQuipment's offerings align seamlessly with this vision. From static and dynamic apparatus that facilitate tangible learning experiences to advanced tensile testing equipment capable of analysing materials such as textiles, TecQuipment's solutions empower students to grasp the fundamental principles of mechanics through active engagement.

For more advanced study and research pursuits, the School of Engineering at the University of Lincoln leverages the cutting-edge AF1300 wind tunnel. This remarkable tool becomes the playground for postgraduate students and researchers, where they embark on ambitious projects, including the 3D printing of aerofoils. To complement their research endeavours, the Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS) steps in, enabling meticulous data analysis.

What truly sets TecQuipment apart, as Dan Stones elucidates, is not just the quality of their products but their remarkable user-friendliness. The equipment is designed to be intuitive, ensuring that students can focus on the subject matter without being bogged down by complicated machinery. Furthermore, TecQuipment's commitment to customer support is unparalleled. Their approachability and unwavering willingness to assist contribute to a seamless educational experience.

The School of Engineering at the University of Lincoln is dedicated to fostering a learning environment that blends cutting-edge research with industry relevance. Their state-of-the-art R&D facilities, coupled with research-informed teaching, provide students with a holistic education that prepares them for the challenges of the future. Moreover, the school's strong industrial ties further enhance the opportunities available to their students and researchers.

For more information about the School of Engineering at the University of Lincoln and their commitment to excellence in engineering education, please visit their official website: University of Lincoln School of Engineering. Explore the future of engineering education and research with one of the UK's leading institutions.

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