Case Studies | Materials Testing and Properties | 14th December 2021

West Nottingham College Uses Teaching Apparatus to Solve Real World Problems

The students at West Nottingham College have been using TecQuipment’s Universal Testing Machine (SM1000) to test the strength of 3D printed materials.

In this captivating video, we invite you to journey to West Nottingham College in the United Kingdom, where the transformative power of TecQuipment's Universal Testing Machine comes to life. This institution, with its unwavering commitment to excellence in education, has harnessed the capabilities of the SM1000 to tackle real-world challenges head-on.

At West Nottingham College, the intersection of theory and practical application is where the magic happens. Armed with TecQuipment's Universal Testing Machine, students engage in hands-on exploration, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Their mission? To assess the strength and viability of 3D printed materials poised for integration into products crafted by the college's very own Learning company.

These engineering students form the backbone of a dynamic Learning company that specializes in the design and manufacture of bespoke products. Armed with the knowledge gained through TecQuipment's cutting-edge testing equipment, they venture into the realm of custom-made solutions, where innovation knows no bounds.

The SM1000, a powerful and versatile tool, becomes the conduit through which theoretical concepts are transformed into practical solutions. As these students rigorously test the 3D printed materials, they pave the way for the creation of innovative products that are not just theoretical exercises but tangible contributions to real-world industries.

This video showcases how West Nottingham College, with TecQuipment's support, is nurturing the next generation of engineers and problem solvers. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, these students are not only gaining essential skills but also making a meaningful impact on the world of engineering and product design.

Stay tuned as we journey through the world of innovation and education, where hands-on learning with TecQuipment's Universal Testing Machine is shaping the future of engineering.

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Join us in celebrating the relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation at West Nottingham College, where dreams are transformed into reality, one 3D printed material at a time.