Case Studies | Materials Testing and Properties | 20th May 2020

Bedford College Expand Practical Teaching for Civil Engineering and Construction

In this video lecturer Teddy Kye-Nyarko from Bedford College explains his plans for expanding the teaching capabilities of the college's materials testing lab for the Civil Engineering and Construction Management courses using TecQuipment products.

Discover the exciting future of education at Bedford College as we delve into their plans for expanding the horizons of their Materials Testing Laboratory. In this enlightening video, esteemed lecturer, Teddy Kye-Nyarko, shares his vision for enriching the learning experience in the Civil Engineering and Construction Management courses, powered by TecQuipment's state-of-the-art teaching equipment.

Bedford College has a longstanding relationship with TecQuipment, spanning many fruitful years. Recently, they welcomed a brand-new shipment of teaching apparatus from this distinguished UK manufacturer, taking a significant step towards elevating their educational offerings. In this video, Teddy Kye-Nyarko takes you on a journey into the future of this institution, where innovation and excellence converge.

Join us as Teddy articulates the colleges forward-thinking plans and prepares the labs for the exciting challenges that lie ahead. With a strong commitment to nurturing the engineers and construction managers of tomorrow, Bedford College is poised to revolutionize the way we educate and inspire the leaders of the construction industry.

For more details about Bedford College and their wide range of academic programs, please visit their official website: Bedford College. Explore the possibilities of an education that empowers you to shape the world.

To learn more about TecQuipment's Materials Testing and Properties range, which plays a pivotal role in their educational endeavours, visit our dedicated page here: TecQuipment Materials Testing and Properties. TecQuipment's cutting-edge solutions are instrumental in equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their fields.

Watch as Teddy explains the plans for the future and get's their labs ready.