ES4 - Experiment


Demonstrates the deflection of beams of different materials and dimensions, held on different supports.

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This versatile kit is part of a series that allows many experiments using different arrangements of their parts. Students, teachers or lecturers fit the parts of the kit to the Work Panel (ES1) (supplied separately) to study or show an engineering science topic. 

This kit includes different beams and fixing blocks. The fixing blocks work as clamps or knife-edge supports. They hold the beams in different ways, such as a cantilever, simply supported, fixed (encastre) and a propped cantilever. 

Students set up a beam on the supports and add weights to deflect the beams. An accurate dial indicator measures the deflection at the point of loading.
The choice of different beams allow extra experiments, showing the relationships between beam deflection and ‘I’ (second moment of area) value. They also allow comparisons of different beam material and how it affects deflection, introducing Young’s Modulus. 

Students also use the cantilever for easy experiments showing the relationship between beam length and deflection. 

TecQuipment supply digital versions of all the worksheets, guidance notes and lecturer notes (with answers) needed for typical experiments with each kit. The selection of parts in the kits and the choice of fixing points on the work panel means that teachers or lecturers may extend the experiments to an even greater range.

  • Beam length and deflection
  • Beam material and deflection (Young’s Modulus)
  • Beam ‘I’ value and deflection
  • Beam supports (cantilever, propped cantilever, fixed beam and simply supported) and deflection
ES1 - Base Unit

Multi-position Work Panel for use with TecQuipment’s Engineering Science kits.

VDAS SM1004 - Experiment

A bench mounted beam apparatus to allow students to investigate the deflections and reactions in simply supported and cantilevered beams.

STR13 - Experiment

An experimental apparatus to allow students to investigate the properties of statically indeterminate and continuous beams.

STR4 - Experiment

An experimental apparatus to allow students to investigate deflection and stability of beam and cantilever structures.

TE16 - Experiment

A bench mounting 3-point bend apparatus to allow investigations into the stiffness in bending of different materials of the same cross-section (Young's Modulus - Stiffness) and the stiffness of a single material with different cross-section geometries (Second Moment of Area - 'I' Value).

SM1000G - Experiment

Test leaf Spring, knife edges and attachments to allow leaf spring and beam bending tests with TecQuipment's SM1000 Universal Test Machine.