FC300W - Ancillary

Multi-tube Manometer

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A 20-tube manometer for measuring pressure when using the FC300 series flow channels. It mounts onto the side of the FC300 on the instrument rails.

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Multi-tube Manometer

A 20-tube manometer for measuring pressure on models in FC300 series water channels.

A backboard with a graduated scale holds each manometer tube. For safety and convenience the manometer uses water as the manometer fluid.

The bottom of each manometer tube has a connection piece for tubing to connect to pressure tappings on the equipment being monitored. The top of each tube is open to the atmosphere.

The tubing between the manometer and the equipment being tested must be completely filled with water.

The manometer is designed to be hung on the top rail of an FC300 series water channel. It can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically for levelling.

It can be connected (via easy to use, self sealing, push connections), to the tappings in the bed of the flow channel to measure the changes in depth along the length.

Multi-tube Manometer
VDAS FCA1 - Ancillary

A 32-way pressure measurement and display unit for use with TecQuipment’s FC series flumes (FC300, FC600).


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