Case Studies | Aerodinámica | 24th marzo 2017

Escuela de Aviación de Afríca del Este

TecQuipment have had a fantastic working relationship with the East African School of Aviation. First, their team visited us in the UK, before we went over to Kenya to help with the installation and training of their new subsonic wind tunnels.

The East African School of Aviation is an ICAO Regional Training Centre of Excellence and we have been delighted to supply them with a selection of premium subsonic wind tunnels for the training laboratories.

As part of the purchase process of the East African School of Aviation, Mak’omondi Lucas Owino (Head of Training) and Kivindyo Morgan Manguu (Lecturer), visited TecQuipment at our manufacturing facilities in the UK.

They visit included a tour with our Managing Director, Simon Woods, so an understanding of how we work and ensure all equipment that leaves the building is only the highest quality. Mr. Owino and Mr. Manguu also have the chance to see the new wind tunnels they were purchasing and got to complete experiment demonstrations, so they could go back to the School of Aviation confident in the extensive capabilities of the equipment.

Mak’omondi Lucas Owino (Head of Training) told us:

"Our mission was to come to TecQuipment to ensure that they have the ability to supply the equipment and that it conforms to the stated specification. We also came to TecQuipment to sign a factory certificate to allow shipment to Kenya.

We saw the things required for training and everything was in good shape and we could see that there was high quality assurance for material testing and production. We were impressed and happy that whatever TecQuipment provided was good quality and, as customers, were very satisfied."

Dave Giddings, met the equipment in Nairobi, Kenya to complete all the installation and training needed by the university. In a dedicated laboratory in the School of Aviation, all of new wind tunnels were installed, ready for use by their students.

The equipment included:

  • Subsonic Wind Tunnel
  • Two Air Flow Benches
  • Flight Demonstration Unit

All installation and training went smoothly and successfully and the professors and students of the East African School of Aviation, can be confident in using the wind tunnels for many years to come!