Case Studies | Ciencias de Ingeniería | 1st diciembre 2014

Universidad de Bradford

A large investment from The University of Bradford in West Yorkshire, brought us to their laboratories in 2014.

Bradford have a number of different learning spaces to support the variety of engineering courses, but we visited their Muiltidisiplinary Engineering Laboratory (see a nice 360 degree view of the lab).

It is an open plan laboratory, which offers a practical learning environment and efficient use of space, especially when combined with TecQuipment's bench-mounting equipment. We arrived to provide some support for the department to set-up a broad range of strucutres equipment and materials testing, such as the Thick Cylinder Apparatus (we also product video there!).


The department also as an extensive range of Engineering Science units. These provide the perfect introduction to the fundamental principles in mechanical engineering and are often used in combination with more complex varieties of the experiments that we provide (such as the ES Gears Train Kit and the Geared Systems).