4th febrero 2020

TecQuipment Launches the Variable Speed Series and Parallel Pumps Bench-top Test Set

4th February, 2020 – Nottingham, UK – TecQuipment, leading provider of high quality educational equipment for engineering disciplines has today launched a new fluid mechanics teaching product, the Variable Speed Series and Parallel Pumps Bench-Top Test Set (H53V). This balances the need for a compact teaching product that delivers advanced-level teaching for investigating the operation and performance of a variable speed pump and fixed speed pump that can be used in both series and parallel.

Paul Wilkinson, TecQuipment’s Technical Director explains how this fits within the company’s product offering. “This is the latest product in the Pumps and Turbines sub range, building on the technology of the Series and Parallel Pumps Bench-top Test Set launched in 2019. Not only is one of the pumps variable in speed, but we’ve integrated a raft of instrumentation as well, for more advanced analysis of pump behaviour.”

The variable speed pump, electronic instrumentation and integrated VDAS (VDAS Onboard) allows a greater variety of experimentation to be performed, including the demonstration of cavitation.

VDAS Onboard, TecQuipment’s integrated versatile data acquisition system, has been fully integrated into the hardware of this product. This makes data acquisition more efficient and reliable when attached to a suitable computer or laptop, running the freely downloadable software.

“This has been introduced as there is a gap in the market to for a COMPACT bench-top teaching apparatus to understand the advanced principles of pumps performance within fluid mechanics. Following the success of the Series of Parallel Pumps Bench-Top Test Set in 2019, we predict this is going to be just as popular.” commented TecQuipment’s Sales and Marketing Director Jon Chicken.

To learn how this product compares to the Series and Parallel Pumps Test-Set H52, view the comparison table below.

Advancing Pumps

In the real world, many pumps do have a variable speed for the water to flow through as it helps to improve reliability and control whilst there is small variations in pressure.

Included with the apparatus is a user manual outlining the supporting theory and a step-by-step instruction for a range of experiments, making in easy for Lecturers and Laboratory Technicians to integrate this into their teaching syllabus.

The Advanced Series and Parallel Pumps Bench-Top Test Set is part of the Pumps and Turbines sub range within the fluid mechanics range from TecQuipment.

For more information visit www.tecquipment.com or contact 0115 972 2611