From Generation to Utilisation

Power Generators At Hoover Dam

There are several methods that we use to generate electrical power around the world. The most significant of all of these by a long way is Coal, which accounts for over 40% of the world’s electricity production. Natural Gas is the next largest contributor at over 20%. Fossil fuels in total account for just over two-thirds of our global electricity production. Hydroelectric, Nuclear and Renewables account for the remaining third.

The Electrical Power Systems range from TecQuipment, covers the principles of electrical power; generation, transformation, transmission, distribution and protection.

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TecQuipment also provide equipment that enables students to understand the principles around the whole power industry, that allows electricity to reach our homes and factories. These areas include the structures that allow the transmission of electricity, the machine theory that supports the workings of a steam turbine or the cooling process needed in a power station.

Nuclear Power Plant

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