Introducing VDAS


  • VDAS® is a modern, cost-effective automatic data acquisition system for use with TecQuipment's teaching equipment.
  • VDAS® is a digital system which is easy to set up, easy to use, fast and accurate.
  • VDAS® gives real-time data capture, fast recording, calculation, charting and data export.
  • VDAS® software can be installed free on multiple computers.
  • VDAS® is a unique product, specially developed for education.
  • VDAS® mkII introduces real-time traces of analogue signals and advanced signal processing for use with special new products.
  • VDAS® mkII is fully backward compatible with the original model.
Bench-top VDAS interface unit (VDAS-B) and software screenshot
Bench-top VDAS interface unit (VDAS-B mkII) with software

How VDAS Works

The output signals from VDAS®-compatible products connect to a VDAS® interface unit. This, in turn, connects to a computer via USB. Students then use the comprehensive range of functions in the intuitive, user-friendly VDAS software to monitor, record and analyse their experiment data.

One interface unit can service many pieces of VDAS®-compliant equipment in a laboratory. There's a choice of either a frame-mounting (VDAS-F) or a bench-top (VDAS-B) interface unit. The functionality of both types of interface unit is identical: the two presentation formats are available to provide choice and convenience.

Setting up experiments is easy and connection straightforward. Additional transducers and industrial-standard sensors can also connect to the interfaces (for example digital displacement measuring devices, pressure sensors, flow meters and so on).


VERSATILE – can be used across a wide range of TecQuipment products
DATA – transforms raw data instantly, easily exports or creates graphs and tables
ACQUISITION – USB connectivity, multiple-source real-time data capture
SYSTEM – an expandable modular approach providing easy-to-use digital plug-and-play technology

VDAS Version 2 Software Features

  • Works with the original model as well as VDAS® mkII
  • Works with existing TecQuipment VDAS®-compatible products
  • Real-time traces of analogue signals (requires VDAS® mkII hardware)
  • Advanced signal processing of analogue traces (requires VDAS® mkII hardware)
  • Recording data manually or automatically
  • Display of real-time data, in digital form or as an analogue meter
  • Logging data for printing and later analysis
  • Exporting data for use by other software
  • Performing real-time calculations to generate user-defined data
  • Creating and printing charts and data tables
  • Customisable layouts
Download the latest version of VDAS here
VDAS v2 new features
VDAS v2 screenshot
VDAS-F interface unit