TM1017 - Experimento

Coriolis Force

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A highly visual demonstration of the Coriolis Force on a jet of water.

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Coriolis Force

A bench-top base unit supporting a rotating arm on which a transparent water tank and counterbalance aremounted.

The water tank houses a submersible pump which produces a jet of water. The jet of water is observed to deflect when the arm rotates.

The deflection is due to the Coriolis force, a fictitious force which appears to act on objects moving within a frame of reference that is rotating.

Dials and a digital display on the base unit allow students to adjust the speed and direction of rotation, as well as the pump rate.

  • Understanding of fictitious forces
  • Visualisation of the Coriolis force effect
  • Verification of the relationship between Coriolis force, the speed and direction of rotation and the velocity of objects moving within the rotating reference frame
Coriolis Force
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