20th noviembre 2018 | 3 Min read time

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Trip to the TecQuipment HQ

1. Personal development

  • Schedule training to make the most of your existing apparatus or apparatus on order

2. See for yourself real products in production, witnessing:

  • The attention to detail
  • The passion employees have for the products they are making
  • The commitment to craftsmanship
  • The processes followed in the design and production process
  • Why TecQuipment is confident in delivering a 5 year warranty

3. Get hands-on with equipment in the Demo Room

  • Learn how to assemble equipment
  • Trial experiments with the guidance of experts
  • Schedule visit to coincide with the production of products of particular interest

4. Meet the teams

  • Ask detailed technical questions of TecQuipment design and production engineers
  • Have your say in what future products and modifications you would like to see
  • Quiz the customer service team members on maintenance
  • Negotiate terms with all the key players for quick decisions
  • Meet the decision makers and influencers

5. Combine with visits to local universities within 30 minutes drive using TecQuipment products:

  • Nottingham University
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Derby University