24th julio 2019

Aerodynamics Live – An Experience for Everyone

We recently began hosting visitor events at the company’s headquarters in Long Eaton that showcase our teaching equipment for a given range. These are known as the Live events ‘ie Flow Channel Live’ and ‘Aerodynamics Live’. Seizing the opportunity with our latest Aerodynamics Live event for academics, we up-scaled it by 500%. During this week, rather than one event, we hosted a week long marathon of events. We hosted activity for staff, UK academics, a local school and for friends & family of staff – all with tailored content for the audience.

“It’s about engineering and education coming together in the best possible way.” Rolls Royce

Anthony Harrod-Jackson, Aeronautical Engineering Tutor at Rolls Royce LDC shared his thoughts on the day for academics:

“Upon entering TecQuipment I was made to feel welcome and every member of staff and this continued throughout the day. This was not a day of sales pitches but a day of educating, which went both ways. We were informed about products and how they are able to be used in the education environment, as well as the thought process behind each one including the development and manufacturing process. What was especially good is that we were able to offer our input back as to how we would use the equipment and ways we feel they could be improved and developed. What I thought was a great touch was that we were approached and hosted by every member of staff in the same pleasant friendly way, from the work experience person to the Managing Director. I do not think this was an approach for the day but I honestly feel that this is a way of life for the company, which as a customer is very refreshing. Not once did I feel like this was a sales pitch or event but about engineering and education coming together in the best possible way.”

Inspiring School Students

As part of a growing partnership with Friesland School, based locally to TecQuipment, a group of 16 and 17 year olds joined TecQuipment for a morning of engineering inspiration, including career presentations from TecQuipment’s engineers.

Live Streaming on YouTube

Following our recent success on YouTube and interest from people around the world not physically able to join us, we took the week of events one step further to bring a special live event to people around the world. We introduced YouTube Aerodynamics Live. This was a 30 minute live streamed event demonstrating the aerodynamics range, complete with the live running of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel and a seven metre long Subsonic Wind Tunnel. We had an impressive 100 live viewers, although in reality the number would have been much greater because of groups watching on a single device. Thanks to an active audience, there were questions coming in from all over the world, being answered live by the team of experts. If you missed the YouTube Live event, why not watch the playback of the live stream below.

Staff, Friends & Family

Unless you have a job in an industry that is well known to the general public, it is often hard to explain what we do. Having friends and family along was a great opportunity for people’s partners, children, parents and friends to appreciate what amazing engineering work we do at TecQuipment.

What Next?

More, more, more...the feedback was so good that we’ll be bringing you more of what you saw a few weeks ago. If you missed these events, then make sure you get involved next time we have one scheduled.