11th agosto 2017

Creating a Cutaway Engine Model


We like a new project here at TecQuipment and we have been working hard to create a cutaway model of our TD200 Engine and Dynomometer for an exhibition in Hannover with Mazak.

TecQuipment Cutaway Engine
We are delighted with the finished result

Cutaway models are an excellent educational tool for many subjects they allow you to show the inner workings of a machine and the fine craftsmanship that would otherwise be hidden in an outer casing.

By creating a cutaway version of the TD200 Engine Test Bed, we are able to showcase the intricate detail that within the equipment, much of which has been shaped on the Mazak CNC machines we have at our manufacturing facilities in Nottingham. We have been using Mazak machinery for many years and they enable us to craft much of the metal elements that go into our wide range of educational equipment.

It is for this reason we have sent the cutaway TD200 to Hannover for the EMO exhibition 2017; an event for the worlds premium metalworking businesses. You can find out more information about the exhibition on the website.