FC300SL - Auxiliar

Sediment Loop

An ancillary that allows sediment to be re-circulated continually into an FC300 series flow channel from a sediment vessel located in the outlet tank.

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Sediment Loop

The Sediment Loop (FC300sl) consists of a filter vessel fitted to the outlet tank of an FC300 series flow channel and a sediment discharge unit fitted in the channel, the two units are connected by the sediment tube.

Sediment (sand) is placed in the vessel where there is a pump that can pump sediment from the vessel along the sediment tube to the sediment discharge unit placed in the channel upstream of a sediment bed. The sediment loop pump is controlled by a control box hung on the FC300 instrument frame.

The whole apparatus allows sediment to be replenished in the channel. Any sediment that is washed into the channel transfer duct is caught in the sediment vessel ready to be re-circulated. A mixture of sediment and water from the sediment vessel is pumped through the tube and out of the nozzle.

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