Case Studies | Aerodinámica | 13th mayo 2022

Equipping a new lab for Aeronautical Engineering Technology at Al-Farahidi University

Al-Farahidi University's vision and commitment is to work together to create a great educational experience for learners.

In 2021 several TecQuipment products were installed in a new lab for the Aeronautical Engineering Technology department. As the university's vision revolves around actively supporting the performance of scientific programs, providing new equipment for students studying aeronautical engineering would help provide a greater educational experience.

Al-Farahidi University purchased from TecQuipment:

· Digital Hydraulic Bench

· Fluid Friction Apparatus

· Subsonic Wind Tunnel 305mm

· Heat Transfer Experiment Base Unit

· Bending Stress in a Beam

· Whirling of Shafts and Critical Speed

· Free Vibrations Test Frame

· Simple and Compound Pendulums

As part of the process, when the products were delivered, we provided full installation and training on the equipment. We are glad that Al-Farahidi University is using TecQuipment’s training sets for educating the next generation of engineers and are delighted to hear that they were happy with the products purchased and support provided.

Al-Farahidi University's mission ‘is to create an atmosphere of teaching, workers and students to discover, evaluate, maintain and communicate the information, knowledge and values that can ensure the survival of this and future generations and improve the quality of life for all.’ We hope that by purchasing products from TecQuipment they will be one step closer to achieving this.

For more information on Al-Farahidi University at Bagdad, Iraq - click here

To purchase the products mentioned click on the product link below:

· Digital Hydraulic Bench (Base unit - H1F)

· Fluid Friction Apparatus (Experiment - H408)

· Subsonic Wind Tunnel 305MM (Base Unit - AF1300S)

· Heat Transfer Experiment Base Unit (Experiment - TD1002)

· Bending Stress in a Beam (Experiment - STS3)

· Whirling of Shafts and Critical Speed (Experiment - TM1001)

· Free Vibrations Test Frame (Base Unit - TM160)

· Simple and Compound Pendulums (Experiment - TM161)