AF1600B - Experimento

NACA0012 Aerofoil with Tappings

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A 150 mm chord NACA0012 aerofoil with 595 mm span and 20 static pressure tappings.

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NACA0012 Aerofoil with Tappings

The aerofoil has 20 static pressure tappings along its chord on the upper and lower surfaces. They each connect to tubes that pass through the aerofoil and then out to clear, numbered, flexible tubes. Students can connect the tubes to other optional pressure-measurement instruments. They can then measure the pressure distribution around the aerofoil, from which they can find the lift.

Using a Pitot tube, students can traverse the aerofoil wake to find the downstream pressure distribution and find the drag on the aerofoil.

Students can compare these values of lift and drag with direct measurements found from a balance. They can also compare them with the results from another aerofoil with the same profile, such as the AF1600d. Varying the angle of attack of the aerofoil with respect to the air stream allows students to find the changes to the pressure distribution. It also allows investigations into the critical conditions at stall.

NACA0012 Aerofoil with Tappings
VDAS AF1600S - Package

An open circuit suction subsonic wind tunnel with a working section of 450 mm by 450 mm and 1000 mm long. Package includes the Aerofoil with Tappings, a Three-Component Balance, two Differential Pressure Transducers, a 32-Way Pressure Display Unit and data acquisition (VDAS-F).

AF1600H - Experiment

The high wing model aircraft with NACA profile wings for use with the Large Subsonic Wind Tunnel (AF1600) is good for experiments with lift, drag and pitching moment of fixed wing aircraft.

AF1600J - Experiment

A set of different shape models for use with the Large Subsonic Wind Tunnel (AF1600S) each with identical frontal area to allow students to compare the different coefficient of drag for each shape. Includes a dummy stem for tests to cancel out the drag due to each model’s support arm.

AF1600G - Experiment

A low wing model aircraft with NACA2415 profile wings for use with TecQuipment's Large Subsonic Wind Tunnel (AF1600S)

AF1600D - Experiment

This set of two NACA0012 aerofoils allows students to compare the results from a full-width aerofoil with a half width aerofoil.

AF1600C - Experiment

A 150mm chord NACA2412 aerofoil with 590 span featuring a variable flap that adjusts +/- 90 degrees for use with the AF1600 Subsonic Wind Tunnel.

AF1600A - Experiment

A cylinder model that spans the full width of the working section of the AF1600S Subsonic Wind Tunnel. A holder (included with the wind tunnel) supports the model in the tunnel.

AF1600F - Experiment

A pair of boundary layer models with a mounting plate, also a pitot and a static probe for investigating boundary layer. One plate is roughened, the other smooth to allow comparisons on boundary layer growth.


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