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Powerful simulation, control and data acquisition software for use with selected products from TecQuipment’s Control Engineering range.

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The powerful and flexible nature of the software allows investigations into a wide variety of engineering systems requiring different controller solutions to achieve the required levels of operation. Fully compatible with the TecQuipment Control Engineering Range physical models - CE103 to CE110 - and all other compatible equipment.

It is supplied as standard with TecQuipment’s Controller (CE120), Digital Interface (CE122) and Process Trainer (CE117). The software allows students and experienced control engineers to develop and test a wide selection of controllers and filters. The Control Software combines controller design and implementation into one logical process. This reduces a student’s learning difficulties and helps them to quickly understand and create a working control system.

Students use the software icons and wire them together on screen, just as they would draw a control system on a piece of paper. The icons include the important parts of controllers, signal generators, manually controlled signals and voltages, and virtual instruments.

The students set the software to record important variables. They can then plot the results in a chart and export the data for use in other programs.

With the CE2000 software students can create one or more types of controller and simulate the theoretical responses. They can then find the response with real systems, such as the products in TecQuipment’s Control Engineering range.

The CE2000 software works with selected products in TecQuipment’s Control Engineering range. These products give a wide selection of system responses, including linear and non-linear, stable and unstable, oscillatory and multivariable.

Included with the CE2000 software are files that match the experiments supplied with selected products in TecQuipment’s Control Engineering range.

Due to its open and flexible structure, the CE2000 and TecQuipment’s interface or controller may also model, simulate and run any other compatible system.

For real-time control and data acquisition you must use the software with TecQuipment’s Controller (CE120) or Digital Interface (CE122). TecQuipment’s Process Trainer (CE117) already contains a built-in interface.

Learning outcomes

Software only:

The CE2000 user guide shows students how to use the software and how to build and test common control systems, such as:

  • Design and implementation of three-term controllers
  • Design of controllers and filters -

Software and hardware:

When used with other products from TecQuipment’s CE range:

  • Thermal Control (CE103)
  • Level Control (CE105)
  • Ball and Beam Control (CE106)
  • Engine Speed Control (CE107)
  • Coupled Drives Control (CE108)
  • Ball and Hoop Control (CE109)
  • Servo Control (CE110)
  • Flow, Level, Pressure and Temperature Control (CE117)
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