VDAS Onboard STS14 - Experiment

Curved Bars and Davits (Next Generation Structures)

Experiment for investigations into two common curved structures and two common davit structures. Mounts on the Structures platform and connects to the Structures automatic data acquisition unit and software.

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Curved Bars and Davits (Next Generation Structures)

One of a range of experiment modules that fit to the Structures platform (STS1, available separately), this product helps students to understand the deflections in curved bars and davits when used as simple structures to support loads. Students fit the lower end of a choice of curved bars and davits to a fi xing plate. The upper end supports a variable load. Two precision indicators measure the deflection due to the load.

The curved bars do not replicate popular, practical structures but they form a good basis for a fundamental analysis such as Castigliano’s theorem. The two davits are good examples of popular real-life structures.

Students apply the load to the curved bars or davits, measuring the vertical and horizontal deflection. They compare results with the theoretical values found using elastic deflection theory.

This product includes a Vernier caliper for accurate measurements of the cross-section of the curved bars and davits.

The deflection indicators have their own displays, but they can connect to the USB interface hub of the Structures platform for computer display and data acquisition.

Learning outcomes

• How loads affect the vertical and horizontal deflection of:

> a quarter circle

> a semicircle

> a curved davit

> an angled davit

• Elastic bending

• Comparison of elastic defl ection analysis techniques

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