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Engineering Science Smart Worksheets

Digitally transform your practical teaching and students’ learning experience with online, interactive and guided worksheets featuring ready-made auto-graded assessments.

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Engineering Science Smart Worksheets

Smart worksheets are a collection of ready-made online assessments that compliment practical teaching, experiment lab work and assignments. They encourage active learning are designed to enable students to master essential data analysis skills with immediate, personalised feedback, while drastically reducing educators marking burden.

Ready-made worksheets with randomly generated data mean less time creating and supplying hundreds of resources for lab sessions or exam preparation.

Why use Smart Worksheets

Enhance the delivery of practical teaching and transform your students learning

Key Benefits for educators

Better understand your students’ learning

Gain detailed insight into how your students are learning and the progress they are making with individual performance data. Replay student attempts and see step-by-step where the students struggle, where they succeed and identify areas for tailored follow-up sessions for support.

Save academic time from repetitive tasks

With auto generated marketing you can save 100s of hours of marking time and time from having to give personalised feedback. This frees you up to look at best practice, focusing on more advanced, tailored support for your students. Ready-made worksheets with randomly generated data mean less time creating and supplying hundreds of resources for lab sessions or exam preparation.

Inspire and boost student confidence

The interactive Smart Worksheets help students feel more engaged with course content, improving their dynamic learning experience, and enjoyment. Personalised feedback helps them master their topic and guides them to ask better questions in class and proactively shape their own development.

Key Benefits for Students

Practise anywhere, anytime

Ready-made online assessments make it convenient for students to practise, repeat and apply knowledge learned around their real lab experience at a time that suits them. With unlimited data, students can practise key calculations and techniques as often as they need until they feel confident and prepared.

Instant, personalised feedback and consistent marking

Smart Worksheets provide students with instant, targeted feedback that can guide them through their learning. Feedback is consistent and timely meaning they can focus on applying it immediately back in the lab, not weeks later.

Mastery of key skills

Smart Worksheets provide students with an interactive, guided learning experience to help them master their understanding of both theory and lab experiment. Students can work through data entry and analysis, graphing and calculations with confidence that they are mastering key skills.

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