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TecQuipment Agent Conference 2018

Flumes, TecQuipment Family, Refrigeration, Quality, Perfect Gases, Magic, Unsteady State, Music, Football, Wind Tunnel, Awards, New Trends, Darth Vader – the 2018 global agent conference in a nutshell!

In the middle of July we celebrated the TecQuipment global agent conference for 2018, which attracted TecQuipment agents from far and wide. They came together to learn about the latest products, company news and share experiences of working with academic institutions across the world. It was a time for getting hands-on with the equipment, learning how TecQuipment products are made while seeing for themselves the attention to detail within the factory, and how TecQuipment equipment with supporting data acquisition software can help academics meet their education challenges.

TecQuipment Global Agent Conference 2018
TecQuipment Global Agent Conference 2018 - Group Enjoying the National Space Centre with Darth Vader and Storm Troopers

Family Time

While it was an action packed agenda, there was plenty of opportunity to get to know agent peers, TecQuipment colleagues and forge closer bonds as part of the global TecQuipment family. From watching the World Cup final together, visiting the National Space Centre, relaxing on a river cruise with a great live band and magician, through to the final day in the TecQuipment factory meeting all the employees and enjoying the TecQuipment Game Show.

Agent Awards

An award ceremony complete with Darth Vader and Storm Troopers recognised some of the best agents, with awards going to:

Atlab winner
Atlab wins Best Agent and Best Technical Support in the TecQuipment Agent Awards

Words from the Agents

“Just perfect, some really lovely and hardworking people,” Caroline Rasiah.

“Wonderful experience, would love to come again next time,” Fazal Mulla.

“It was unforgettable, wonderful, thank you,” Amal Saoulijane.

“Excellent organisation, great opportunity to exchange with other agents and TQ staff. Enjoyed a lot, thanks,” Harald Strehling.

Finally, thanks to all that contributed and joined to make this a momentous event.

Check out the conference summary video on YouTube

YouTube vid

Or view the photos on the TecQuipment Facebook page.

Facebook photos

Till next time!
Dionne Knowles
Marketing Manager