AF1600C - Experiment

NACA2412 Aerofoil with Variable Flap

A 150mm chord NACA2412 aerofoil with 590 span featuring a variable flap that adjusts +/- 90 degrees for use with the AF1600 Subsonic Wind Tunnel.

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NACA2412 Aerofoil with Variable Flap

An unsymmetrical section (cambered) aerofoil with adjustable flap.

The Three-Component Balance (AF1600t, available separately) can hold the aerofoil to measure lift, drag and pitching moment. Using a Pitot tube, students can traverse the aerofoil wake to find the downstream pressure distribution and find the drag on the aerofoil. They can compare these results with the direct measurements from a balance.

TecQuipment’s Smoke Generator (AFA11, not included) increases the educational value of the experiments by showing the flow of air around the model.

Learning outcomes

  • Study the effects of control surfaces such as flaps, ailerons, elevator or rudder.
  • Examine the difference between unsymmetrical and symmetrical aerofoils, by comparing the results to the AF1600d symmetrical aerofoils.
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