Aerodynamics Teaching Equipment

Aeronautic products designed for education and training

TecQuipment specially designed the Aerodynamics range of products for teaching. We placed emphasis on ease of use, reliability and safety. Whether used by lecturers to demonstrate aerodynamic basic principles or advanced ideas, or by students for project work, the educational equipment gives valuable hands-on experience. This experience is not always possible or practical with large-scale industrial or complex research facilities.

First principles of Aerodynamics

At introductory level, the Aerodynamics range includes our Modular Air Flow Bench (AF10). This is a standard unit with eight interchangeable experiments, each one designed specifically to teach an important first principle, such as Bernoulli’s equation or boundary layer.

Educational wind tunnels

The quality and features of our wind tunnels make them ideal for education, for example our comprehensive Subsonic Wind Tunnel (AF100). This is a compact, realistic and high-quality wind tunnel with a wide range of standard instrumentation and models. To maximise flexibility, the engineers at TecQuipment can put together packages of models and instrumentation to meet all your budgetary and laboratory needs. The wind tunnel can also be used for student project work and research.

Included in the range are two supersonic wind tunnels, which have full visualisation equipment and instrumentation. One tunnel has cost-effective, intermittent (AF300) operation, the other operates continuously (AF302). The Nozzle Flow Apparatus (AF27) introduces students to supersonic flow.

Enhancing learning – putting theory into practice

Other equipment in the range includes the unique and very tactile Flight Demonstration Wind Tunnel (AF41). This allows students to ‘fly’ an aircraft manually using a control column and throttle, arranged typically as found in a light aircraft.

In addition, our Flow Visualisation Wind Tunnel (AF80) allows students to ‘see’ the flow of air, bringing textbook diagrams to life.

Our Fluid Mechanics range includes TecQuipment’s Modular Fluid Power (MFP) units. These allow demonstrations and studies of the performance of different types of ‘real world’ air machines (fans and compressors).

Automatic data acquisition

The subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels work with TecQuipment’s unique Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®). VDAS® allows our educational equipment to connect to a computer to provide accurate real-time data capture. Raw data can be transformed instantly into sophisticated graphs and tables using the VDAS® software and easily exported to other programs. There are other solutions on the market, but none which offer the same convenience, functionality or wide range of features.

Look out for the VDAS® logo: VDAS Logo

aerodynamics used when designing modern transportation

shock wave within a supersonic wind tunnel captured using a Schlieren system