Case Studies | Aerodynamics | 15th November 2019

Nottingham Trent University Video Case Study

In October 2019, Nottingham Trent University opened a new engineering teaching and research facility, that houses a wide range of apparatus from TecQuipment for bringing mechanical theory to life. In this video case study, lecturers and laboratory technicians talk about how they use these products to teach engineering principles that relate to fluid dynamics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, materials testing, and engineering science and all levels of engineering study at degree level.

Explore Nottingham Trent University's Partnership with TecQuipment

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at Nottingham Trent University's state-of-the-art Engineering Building, where innovation and education converge. In this exclusive video, we had the privilege of sitting down with the esteemed teaching team to delve into their choice of TecQuipment's cutting-edge teaching equipment for their engineering laboratories.

A Glimpse into Nottingham Trent University's Engineering Excellence

Nottingham Trent University's commitment to excellence in engineering education is evident in their Engineering Building, a beacon of innovation that opened its doors in October 2019. This visionary space serves as the epicentre of knowledge exchange, providing students with a dynamic learning environment to prepare for the challenges of the modern engineering world.

Why TecQuipment? Insights from the Teaching Team

In our captivating video, the teaching team at Nottingham Trent University shares their perspectives on what sets TecQuipment apart as their preferred partner in engineering education. Their testimonials provide valuable insights into why TecQuipment's teaching equipment has become an integral part of their curriculum.

Featured TecQuipment Products

Discover the TecQuipment products that have been instrumental in shaping the educational experience at Nottingham Trent University:

  1. Subsonic Wind Tunnel: Unleash the power of aerodynamics with TecQuipment's Subsonic Wind Tunnel. It's not just a piece of equipment; it's a gateway to understanding airflow dynamics, lift, and drag.
  2. Universal Testing Machine: Explore the strength of materials and structural integrity with the Universal Testing Machine. This versatile apparatus empowers students to perform a wide range of mechanical tests.
  3. Engineering Science Kits: These kits are more than just tools; they're the building blocks of engineering knowledge. They provide hands-on experience and reinforce theoretical concepts.
  4. Pin Jointed Frameworks: Understand the fundamentals of structural analysis through Pin Jointed Frameworks, allowing students to grasp the intricacies of load-bearing structures.
  5. Geared Systems: Dive into the world of mechanical power transmission with Geared Systems, bridging the gap between theory and practical application.
  6. Refrigeration Cycle: Explore the principles of thermodynamics and refrigeration systems using TecQuipment's Refrigeration Cycle equipment.
  7. Centrifugal Pump Module: Gain expertise in fluid dynamics and pump performance with the Centrifugal Pump Module.

A World of Engineering Excellence

At Nottingham Trent University, the choice to partner with TecQuipment is a testament to their dedication to providing an outstanding education. This collaboration is more than a choice; it's a commitment to nurturing the engineers of tomorrow.

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To hear directly from Nottingham Trent University's teaching team about their TecQuipment experience, watch the video. Discover why they've chosen TecQuipment teaching products as the cornerstone of their engineering education journey.

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Watch to find out more about why they chose to use TecQuipment teaching products.