Case Studies | Aerodynamics | 28th November 2016

Bangladesh Military Academy

Bangladesh Military Academy invests heavily in new equipment for teaching engineering students.

Bangladesh Military Academies commitment to excellence in engineering education is evident in the range of industry-leading equipment purchased from TecQuipment, that they incorporated into their Engineering Laboratory to assist in the teaching of cadets in the principles of thermodynamics, aerodynamics and machine theory. Here are some of the key pieces of equipment that are helping them shape the future of engineering in Bangladesh:

  • Subsonic Wind Tunnel (AF1300): our Subsonic Wind Tunnel (AF1300), is a technological marvel. It allows cadets to explore and understand the intricacies of aerodynamics. With this equipment, they can conduct experiments related to airflow, lift, and drag, gaining hands-on experience that is invaluable for future engineers and aviators.
  • Free and Forced Convection (TD1005): understanding heat transfer is fundamental in engineering. The Free and Forced Convection equipment (TD1005) enables our cadets to delve deep into the principles of heat transfer, both in natural convection scenarios and forced convection scenarios. This hands-on experience provides a strong foundation in thermodynamics.
  • Heat Exchangers (TD360): heat exchangers play a critical role in various industries, from power generation to HVAC systems. Our Heat Exchangers (TD360) equipment allows cadets to study the intricacies of heat exchange processes, ensuring they are well-prepared to tackle real-world engineering challenges.
  • Forced Convection Heat Transfer (TD1): this equipment focuses specifically on forced convection heat transfer, a crucial concept in engineering. Cadets can experiment with different heat transfer scenarios, gaining a deep understanding of how heat moves through various materials and systems.

Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) is the prestigious training institute for the officer cadets of Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, and Bangladesh Air Force.

At the Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA), we take immense pride in our commitment to providing top-tier education and training to officer cadets of the Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, and Bangladesh Air Force. As part of our unwavering dedication to excellence, we understand the pivotal role that state-of-the-art equipment plays in shaping the future leaders of our nation.
Investing in the Future of Engineering Education: One of the core pillars of our academic programs is engineering education. To ensure that our cadets receive the best possible training, we have made substantial investments in cutting-edge equipment for our Engineering Laboratory. This equipment is designed to empower our cadets with a comprehensive understanding of key engineering principles, including aerodynamics, thermodynamics, and theory of machines.

At BMA, we believe that investing in top-notch equipment is an investment in the future of Bangladesh. Our Engineering Laboratory is just one example of how we are preparing our cadets to become the engineering leaders of tomorrow.

We invite you to explore our prestigious institution and witness firsthand the dedication we have to providing world-class education and training to the officer cadets of Bangladesh. Together, we are shaping the future of engineering and military leadership in our great nation.