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Bangladesh Military Academy

Dave Giddings, our Installation, Commissioning and Training Manager, has been on the road again! He has been out in Bangladesh, at the fantastic facilities of the Bangladesh Military Academy. 

Suministramos equipos para Aerodinámica, Termodinámica y Teoría de Máquinas.

Military Team Bangladesh Web

The Academy has invested in a range of brand new equipment for their cadets in Thermodynamics, Aerodynamics and Machine Theory.  Dave went over to Bangladesh for a week to complete Installation, Commissioning and Training on all of the equipment supplied throughout their labs.

It was a very hot week, as it often is, but it was not Dave's first time in Bangladesh and all the training was completed, along with all the TecQuipment products being ready for use by their cadets.

Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) is the prestigious training institute for the officer cadets of Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, and Bangladesh Air Force, check the BMA Facebook page for more information.