Case Studies | Structures | 22nd outubro 2018

Structural Mechanics Lab Birzeit University - Palestine

For many years Birzeit University has trusted TecQuipment to be their no.1 provider of engineering laboratory products to aid the teaching of Mechanical, Civil and Environmental Engineering courses. Knowing from personal experience that the equipment is built to last, and that they can rely heavily on local support from TecQuipment agent in Palestine backed up by the dedicated TecQuipment Customer Services team, it was the logical choice to choose TecQuipment once again for their new lab equipment.

New Structural Mechanics Lab

The Structural Mechanics Lab at Birzeit University in Palestine is an expansion of the facilities dedicated to the department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. The aim of the lab is to develop students’ skills by integrating theoretical and practical aspects of structural behaviour.

Structures Experiments

TecQuipment supplied a comprehensive range of structures experiments that fit onto the standard Structures Frames. Including:

From the Engineering Science range to fit onto a standard TecQuipment Work Panel they also purchased:

  • Forces Kit (ES2) to allow students to physically establish the centre of gravity of shapes and the relationship between angles and coplanar forces. They can also learn about force triangles, force polygons and Bow’s Notation (learn more about Bow on the TecQuipment blog).

Additional ancillaries that deliver the means for students to make the most of their workshop time on lab equipment included the Digital Force Display unit (STR1A) that can simultaneously measure and display the output of up to four force sensors for all the structures experiments. To allow further analysis, Birzeit University purchased the Automatic Data Acquisition Unit (STR2000) for data logging, analysis and extra virtual simulated experiments.

“We are pleased with the TecQuipment set we have in our lab. It gives students a valuable chance to revisit the theory related to the material and structural behaviour studied in their mechanics of material and structural analyses courses.” Commented Dr. Ghada Karaki Assistant Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Birzeit University, Palestine.

Since the 1980s when Birzeit University purchased fluid mechanics, material testing, aerodynamics and theory of machines products from TecQuipment that are still in use, they have continued to call upon the company for thermodynamic, fluid mechanics, structures, materials testing and theory of machines equipment.