Engineering Science

Experimental Equipment for Teaching Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

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The engineering science range is a modular system of experimental kits that address the fundamental principles of mechanical engineering including forces and moments; materials testing; vibration, friction and energy; simple machines; and mechanisms. The high quality, robust 'kits' are suitable for teaching STEM principles at a beginner level, while remaining relevant for familiarisation at a post-graduate level. All the hardware required to do experiments related to a particular topic are contained within a kit. These are presented in a storage tray with a purpose-made insert and checklist to ensure all of the parts are returned at the end of the lab session.

Kits can be purchased in any combination, from multiple kits for a whole class to perform the same experiment or a selection of individual kits for demonstrating a variety of different experiments.  TecQuipment also sell purpose built storage trolleys for keeping the kits tidy while protecting them from damage when not in use.

TecQuipment’s Engineering Science range is the foundation of STEM education. Read about the benefits of the Engineering Science.

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