CE122 - Base Unit


A self-contained computer based controller designed to support practical investigations into the basic and advanced principles of control engineering at all academic levels.

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The Digital Interface is for use with most products in TecQuipment’s Control Engineering range, but it will also work with any other compatible laboratory equipment. It is an alternative to the CE120 Controller, when the user only needs the interface part of the CE120.

It converts analogue inputs from other equipment into digital signals for a computer. It also converts the digital signals from a computer into analogue signals to control other equipment.

It will allow the user to monitor up to eight input signals and control up to four output signals.

The interface includes a copy of TecQuipment’s CE2000 Control Software (see separate datasheet for details).

Learning outcomes

When used with other products in the CE range:

  • Temperature (thermal) control
  • Level control
  • Engine speed control
  • Servo control
  • Coupled drive control
  • Ball and beam control
  • Ball and hoop control
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