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A self-contained mobile module for temperature process control experiments to illustrate the principles of single-loop control and the calibration & tuning of controllers, transmitters, converters and valves. Demonstrates feedback control, ON-OFF control, P/PI/PID control, distance-velocity lag and temperature control. Distributed control available when used with an optional computer control system.

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The Temperature Process Training System is a compact and mobile unit for a wide range of experiments in temperature control. It gives students a greater understanding of the stability of simple control systems. The self-contained unit can do many experiments, but it can also connect to the optional Computer Control System (TE3300/06) for distributed control.

The main parts of the Temperature Process Training system are:

  • Industrial controller with autotune feature
  • Two-channel chart recorder
  • Heat-exchanger and fan
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Thermocouples
  • Delay coil
  • In-line heater
  • Three-speed pump
  • Reservoir

To perform experiments, students fill the reservoir with clean water and prime the system. They then set the controller to regulate the power to the in-line heater and control the temperature of the water at any of three places. The heat-exchanger removes the heat from the water, to give quicker experiments. The thermocouples (selected by a three-way switch) give feedback to the controller.

For a realistic experience, the equipment has industrial standard instrumentation and parts.

The apparatus includes one gate valve that works as a flow bypass. A chart recorder shows and logs the changes of the process variable (temperature) and the controller output.

Learning outcomes

  • Proportional, integral and derivative control
  • Setting up and demonstrating automatic control
  • The principles of loop control and the calibration and tuning of temperature transmitters and thermocouples
  • Operation of a temperature control system
  • Distributed control (when used with the TE3300/06 Computer Control System)
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