Case Studies | Aerodynamik | 3rd November 2014

Fareham College Focuses on Aerodynamics Principles

Fareham College chooses TecQuipment aerodynamics products to complement their lab.

Fareham College houses an impressive Centre for Excellence in Engineering, Manufacturing and Advanced Skills Training (CEMAST), which features a TecQuipment Subsonic Wind Tunnel as part of the workshop, which sits alongside decommissioned aircrafts and helicopters.

The team at the college are committed to providing a holistic learning experience for understanding the principles of Aerodynamics. TecQuipment’s engineering laboratory equipment for teaching is perfect for combining theory with the real world.

With the Subsonic Wind Tunnel, students can learn about:

  • Flow past bluff and streamlined bodies with pressure and velocity observations in the wake
  • Investigations into boundary layer development
  • Influence of aspect on aerofoil performance
  • Performance of an aerofoil with flap, influence of flap angle on lift, drag and stall
  • Pressure distributed around a cylinder under sub and super-critical flow conditions
  • Study of characteristics of models involving basic measurements of lift and drag force
  • Study of the characteristics of 3D aerofoils involving measurements of lift and drag force
  • Study of the pressure of distribution around an aerofoil model to derive the lift, and comparison with direct measurements of lift
  • Drag force on bluff body mounted normal to airflow
  • Flow visualisation