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Digital image correlation (DIC) system designed to enhance the student learning experience, for real-time and post-process measurement and visualisation of deformations, strains and displacements in materials and shapes. Complements the teaching equipment.

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The DefleX®-Ed system offers a student-friendly solution for optical deformation measurements on various object sizes. It is equipped with camera measurement and image processing software for analysing motions, displacements and strains. It can measure visible features on objects and material surfaces like screws, joints, edges, grooves and composite structures. This is accomplished with the aid of a speckled pattern applied to the relevant parts of the apparatus. Instructions for applying the pattern are given in the user guide.

Versatile in application, the TecQuipment DIC unit is suitable for uniaxial testing (ISO 892), biaxial testing (ISO 16842), adhesives and shear testing, as well as three-point and four-point bending (ISO 178) and torsion testing, making it a comprehensive tool for material and structural analysis.

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